Remote Wedding


Where to start. What an experience. There is so much to digest that I will try to break it up and cover all the things I saw at this remote village in the Punjab. It was really a different world for me and I was clearly an exotic creature to them as well. At the wedding I was often surrounded by groups of 25 to 50 men all asking me questions (even though most of them spoke almost no english). The top questions and comments related to where I was from, how old I was, how young I looked (they age rapidly in this part of the world), was I married, why not, how easy is “the sexy” in the “Amreeka”, and of course how am I liking the Punjab. I found that these people were fiercly proud of their part of the world and very generous about sharing their culture (and food!) with me in abundance.

The wedding was Sikh and parts were held in the gurudwara, or Sikh temple. See the pics for more, but I find the Sikhs to be an overall peceful people who are very welcoming to people of all faiths. In fact, as part of their tradition they feed people at temple everyday for free without regard to creed.