Old Delhi and Agra


This should proabably be two posts, but I am strapped for time and the internet service here is sucky. Went on a little tour of Old Delhi with my friend Rahul day before yesterday and then spent the day in Agra yesterday, where we visited the Red Fort, had lunch at a great restaurant called The Park Restaurant, and finally of course went to see the famed Taj Mahal. After that we had a couple of hours to kill and so went to walk around the town (it was pretty rustic).

The Fort was unbelievable, and I was as impressed by the engineering of the fountains as I was by the layout and amazing spaces present inside the grounds. The Taj Mahal on the other hand, was an utter disappointment. Talk about over rated. It was…nice…I suppose, with a lot of beautiful detail work, blah blah, but failed to move me in any meaningful way. Was it that it had been so over hyped like some hollywood blockbuster that the actual experience could not fail to disappoint? Was it the gross overpowering smell of feet in the inner tomb sanctum? (everyone was required of course to remove their shoes before entering the main plateau of the Taj). Was it the obvious megalomania of the guy that built it? Was it the exhorbinate rate they charge foreigners to enter (about 40 times the Indian rate)?  You got me, but for my money Agra is definitely worth a trip, but the Taj I could never see and not be bothered at all.

Quick note about the pics. They were uploaded at lower quality than normal to save time and I will try to upload higher quality ones soon if I can get a better internet connection. I also hope to get around to captioning and cleanup. But FWIW, here they are:



  1. marites says:

    Well, to each his own I suppose. We loved the Taj experience, but maybe because it was warm, we saw it in the early morning and sunset lights, and we were reading the thouroughly enjoyable, 900 page, B novel “Taj” the whole time. I probably hyped it up too much for you. Personally, I didn’t enjoy the fort – so there you go…

    My winter fashion advice is to buy a big, wool, blanket/scarf to go with your new tunic look…

  2. Mom says:

    Yep–these will be MUCH better with captions! Hard to tell what I’m seeing. I’ll look forward to looking at them again when duplicates are out, “leaners” are upright, etc. But you have some very good ones.

    You look good–but very thin. (It should happen to me!)I like the hat!

    Take care of yourself.


  3. livinghigh says:

    see?! ure mum loves de hat! hahahaha…
    :) hope ure having fun in punjab.. and when u get back to civilization, be sure and correct the spelling mistakes in this post. sorry for being a nitpicker :)

  4. Sally @ the beach says:

    Too bad about your Taj experience. BTW, my friend Christine (who just returned from India this week) mentioned that you are visiting her fiance Roop in Punjab, yes/no? since he is the Taj-guide/maven — perhaps he could have offered a different perspective; altho your description really does not make me want to go. Let me know what Punjab is like. Also, I agree with your mom re: the Red Fort — captions would really help to make it more interesting. Definitely, get your cute little self a scarf and bundle up. It has been so freezing here (record lows) at the beach and my scarf collection has come in handy! Again, you look fabulous! besos a tu

  5. BOB says:

    Great pictures, for a guy who hated to take pictures. Your pictures of the Taj didn’t match your comments. Maybe its the contrast with the other types of settings. It almost looks fake like a stage set. It is still a great building evenso.


  6. Jose says:

    hmmm…have to agree with most others…the taj looks amazing. i’ll hate to hear your reaction when you visit nyc next…the guggenheim is now $23 to walk around a much less interesting space. hope you help me protest that! lol.