Notes on Delhi


1. Touts are RAMPANT here. Note to fellow tourists: Stop encouraging them by responding to offers of free tours, great hotels, cheap gold, etc. You only make it worse for the rest of us, who can’t make it five feet with out some one yelling out one of the following phrases: “Please, Sir!”, “Hello, my friend!”, “This way, Sir!”, “Hello please!” or “Yes, you want!”

2. All internet cafes demand to see your passport and make a photocopy of it, as well as asking for your phone number and home address. WTF?

3. New Delhi has a pretty clean plan and the streets are pretty modern and navigable. The older part of the city is a crazy mess.

4. Despite what you may have heard, Delhi gets COLD in the winter. Last night I nearly froze my ass off.

5. Don’t talk to anyone who approcahes you. Period. Only talk to people that you approach.

6. This one happens everywhere in India, but nowhere more than here. The answer to any question is yes. “Is the internet cafe down this way?” “Yes.” “but I thought you just said it was the other way?” “Yes” “Well, which is it?” “Yes.”


  1. Stijn says:

    This way, that way; “same same”.
    Cool sounds like the crazy parts of Bangkok. Appears that you have it under control and enjoying it. Chapeau! going for the ten day corse. Can`t wait for the blogg of th8 of february titeled..
    ” “.

  2. Gabe says:

    You sound annoyed…are you? :)
    Like most parts of the developing world with tourism, Delhi has a big parallel economy supporting un/underemployed people. No amount of tourist “shunning” will stop the behavior when it’s like playing slots; as long as one tourist in 10000000000 says yes, they’ll keep doing it.

    What happened when you responded to someone who spoke to you (instead of vv)?


  3. troy says:

    so why on earth would you abandon that amazing pink hotel room???