how to get there from here…


Hm. I am leaving tomorrow, planning to go to the Ellora caves, then on to Mumbai via Aurangabad and overnight train to Delhi, where I will spend a few days before going to somewhere in the Pubjab. I was invited to a wedding there, and don’t want to miss the opportunity. That said, trying to arrange any travel here is pretty nightmarish. Everything is either booked or unclear or both. Oh well, I guess I will get to where I get to when I get there, and try to enjoy what I see along the way.


  1. Stijn says:

    To bad you din`t reach step nr 7 nirvikalpa.

    Maybe next time.

  2. livinghigh says:

    oy there! have u bought ure tickets then? or waiting to come back to bbay then?
    have fun at ellora.

  3. karin says:

    bonne annee stephen !!!
    Prends tout l’amour de baba et casse toi!! (les baba’s addicts se trouvent même dans les méandres d’amérique latine depuis belle durette c’est une plague d’amour infini…)
    j’espere que le voyage vers le mariage inconnu aboutira et tu nous montreras pleins des couleurs. bonne route et bonne quete. bises.