The Message and the Fetish


Responding to my mother’s question, a succinct description of the Baba faith can be found here. Basically (and quoting from the same page):

As an Avatar, Meher Baba’s message was the metaphysical unity of all persons through a relationship of Divine Love. By loving Baba, Baba lovers can learn to love others. In the highest, most intense, state of love, Divine Love, the distinction between the lover and the beloved ceases and one attains union with God. (Melton)

The problem for me is that I have a hard time connecting with a deity in any form. I need my connection with the infinite to be abstract and formless. One of the things that is a definite turn off for me is the fetishistic treatment of objects used by Baba (such as a bed or bus) and their talismanic importance to people. Mind you, this is common in many religious traditions (take catholic or other relics, for example). It seems most people need some object to focus their faith in God. It just doesn’t work for me.


  1. livinghigh says:

    i kinda know wat u mean. for me, god remains… an unseen entity. someone in whom i have faith. but at de same time, there’s something in me, probably ingrained, which looks on at some places or things as… representations.. hence the automatic gesture when i pass a temple or a church. (church, cuz i had a jesuit education! lol)… so i guess, there are situations like dat.

    hope to catch up with ya in delhi. ciao.