Hero Worship


This has been a fascinating experience, really. I have met some very nice people. Ross the Australian, Carol, Anne and Jim from the US, Paul from France. Paul in particular has taken a liking to me because he is flabbergasted that an American can speak French. He has given me some short films he has made about Baba and shown me around Baba’s home in Meherzad. Each of these people is trying very hard to help me see the light, but I continually disappoint them in my failure to be moved by Meher Baba (who by the way bears an uncanny resemblance to Gallagher, Paul Simon (circa 1970), Doug Henning, or Yanni.)

All the same signs of hero worship seem present in this community. I’m not bothered at all by what people believe, and these people seem for the most part very nice and not harmful, but I just can’t connect with that kind of idol worship. Everybody’s searching for a hero. People need someone to hold on to. I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs… hm…I could make a song out of this, it’s catchy.


  1. shashank says:

    Guess thats where Enrique got his inspiration from. Yeah. I’m looking for a hero too. Find me a baba who looks like Enrique (Yanni’s Mousch bothers me) and i am willing to follow that spiritual path to enlightenment!

  2. Mom says:

    He DOES look like Yanni!!

    But you left out the “message”–what is Meher Baba’s “meaning of life”? Don’t all gurus have an insight into the nature of the universe and man’s place in it??

    Will you be posting photos of your fellow seekers?? I’m looking forward to more…..

  3. Josh says:

    Leave Whitney out of this!
    But hey, if you still haven’t found an idol you can follow why don’t you try AMERICAN IDOL? Never disappoints. Well…maybe that one year with Clay Aiken.
    Happy New Year, Stephen!! I know I’m a little shit for not writing sooner but I do miss you and think of you often.
    Lots of love from NYC!

  4. Mike & Chris says:

    Chris and I are delighted by your adventure, although we are having plenty of our own here in LA. Our own spiritual journey begins tonight at the Palladium, where many an avatar of the Terpsichorean variety will guide us to enlightenment. We’ll be thinking of you as we ring in the New Year,

    Mike & Chris