Sheesha in Pune


Been hangin out with my pal Lyla in Pune and having a fantastic time. Last night we went to a cafe called Sheesha (and smoked a sheesha, aka the uptown hooka). We today walked around town, bought my bus ticket, and saw the oldest parts of Pune and the market. Really interesting architecture here with a very small scale and lots of shutters. WE also took in the Shaniwarwada Palace ruins and had an amazing south Indian meal at a place called Ram Krishna.

Fyi to both my readers out there: I am heading to an ashram tomorrow outside Ahmednager. It is called Meher Baba and should be an interesting experience. I doubt that I will have internet access during my stay there, whcih I expect to last until the 3rd of Jan or so. Look for strange and/or wonderful tales of enlightenment after that time.

From Pune


  1. Stijn says:

    Rage against the machine … from the bong.
    Your new pants look good on you. Going out in india looks great. See that you are doing verry, verry … wel. Still mis the traveling, looking at the blog is filling that space a littel bit. Keep on living Stijn

  2. Troy says:

    Go forth and medicate, um, I mean, meditate. Miss you! -t

  3. livinghigh says:

    hehhe… can tell u like smoking the pipe there, mr traveller! :) no puns intended, cross my heart and hope not to die.

    the ruins in pune ARE great – i remember having gone there some yrs back :) have fun at de ashram – dunno abt enlightenment, though!

  4. Sally @ the beach says:

    looks like you’re having a blast … my friend Christine is in Punjabi with her fiance now … her email is if you want to connect. BTW, I just got a new printer/fax/copier …no mac yet … do you recall what my WEP is for my laptop? we’re trying to hook it up wirelessly .. you see, I still need you! can’t wait to hear about the ashram … ttyl. ~S