Today is Christmas


I know this because it is a holiday here too, believe it or not. I have been blissfully unaware of the calendar for most of my trip, but Christmas/New years is unavoidable anywhere in the world apparently. Although here it isnt so much a religious holiday (except for Christians) as it is a state/consumer holliday, bundled together with New Years and an excuse to party.

Speaking of party, Manu and I drove to Pune last night and started to party (LA style, see the pics – forthcoming) with his crazy friend Govid. The guy is really nice, but his driving scares the shit outta me. There were several points last night where I quite literally thought my life was going to be over in a few seconds.

I have many many more impressions from the last few days, but at this point I desperately need a nap and so I will try to write more tomorrow or the day after.


  1. Mom says:

    Who were all the people in the photo of you and Manu?

    Manu’s house is lovely, but I can’t say much for the rest of the town. Fantastic views going up to the Fort…and the photos of you are good. I’m glad you posted–even though you said it would be a few days, your mommy worries…..

  2. livinghigh says:

    aha. well, looks like u had a very OPULENT time in lonavla, in various white houses! :)
    pune’s a nice city – gettign very cluttered, though. used to be known as the city for retirees, earlier.

    :) think u qualify? hehe.