Lonavala Life


I spent two days in Lonavala with Manu and his family. I was so fortunate to be invited into their lives. So many family members came and went in those two days, it was a great introduction to extended family life in India. I find myself trying to understand so many new customs (and foods, and how you eat them). There are so many layers of activity in Indian homes, everything from the hierarchy of servants (in weathly homes) to the vagaries of daily schedule (I find a lot of Indians take siesta after lunch) to greeting and visiting. It is a little overwhelming, but I have been very fortunate to be welcomed by friends of friends (and their friends) into their homes. So far, the Indian people are about the most hospitable I have ever met.

Yesterday, Manu and I went on a 24km (round trip) trek to one of the Shivaji forts (Rajmani) in the area. The views from the top were breathtaking, although we nearly died from the effort. My legs still hurt.