Crazy Cab to Lonavala


I took a death cab to Lonavala with my new friend Manu (friend of Nik and Rittu’s) and am staying at the lovely home of Manu’s parents where I am being fed very well and relaxing in the cooler climate. I go to Pune on Monday I think, and tomorrow I will go fort exploring. Internet access here is by dial up, so I prob won’t be posting more until Pune.


  1. Sally in MdR says:

    glad you’re having such fun and being taken care of … fort hunting? sounds fun … hope you’re feeling better from your Delhi Belly experience. My friend Christine is on her way to Punjabi to be with her hubby-to-be as we speak; she just left LAX. It’s freezing here tonight — mid-40s. But the beach is beautiful … miss you. Jose’s off to Mexico for the holidays … so, it’s pretty quiet around here. Peace. Happy Holidays! besos.