‘Round town with Rittu


Rittu and I went tooling around parts of town this morning to get more of a feel for Mumbai. We went to a really cool old Portuguese area called Kotachiwadi, then over to Ghandi’s house, then on to Victoria Station and finally to a fantastic thali (this time a Rajastani one, not as sweet as Gujarati) at a favorite restaurant of Rittu’s. After the past two days, I suddenly get how someone could even consider being a vegetarian. The veg food here is so good, you wouldn’t necessarily miss the meat.


  1. livinghigh says:

    hey! is this chetna? went there sometime back, and the food is REALLY great. will be taking my parents there next wk – they’re in town, u c, and i’m being the good son. :)

  2. Sheila Kennedy says:

    Great photos, as always, but you are looking considerably thinner! How much weight have you lost? Is it the food, the walking, or ?? (More important, do you think it might happen to us when we come in May?) You look good, but you definitely look thin.