I am loving this city. I walked about 10km today from Colaba to Malabar Hill, along Marine drive, past Chowpatty Beach, with stops at The Taj Hotel, an amazing thali restaurant called Samrat, and the roof of the Intercontinental for a masala tea.

Bombay is so many smells and tastes and sights swirling around. I love it. I could see moving here for a while.


  1. Troy says:

    Everything looks so familiar – wish I was there with you. Glad you’re enjoying your first taste of India, and that you’ve already found Bombay’s best cruising spot ;-) Tell Nik and Ritu I send greetings.

  2. Sheila Kennedy says:

    You look REALLY good in the photos! (Eases your mother’s concerns…)

  3. Werner says:

    hey hey stephen , still watching you from a distance it´s great 2 see u enjoing your life :-) big huggs from hamburg

  4. sonia says:

    Good to see you looking so Good !
    And good to see you’re having such a good time !Good Good Good!
    And don’t worry Sheila, I don’t think he’s that thin !
    Kisses from the Geninatti family
    Aimie, Milla, Bruno, and Sonia-with-an-extremely-huge-bump…..