Stepping out


Bombay / Mumbai is shaping up to be fascinating. It has a kind of crazy life not unlike NY, and a bunch of interesting social customs that are a mix of colonial British inheritance and local religion or custom. Everything here has a feel of faded colonial glory and intense, teeming life. The food has so far been fantastic. Today we went to one of the clubs that Nik and Ritu belong to and had a fantastic breakfast consisting of Dhosas, waffles, some potato pancake like thing whose name escapes me, dahl and chicken puff pastry.

Tonight we are going to have seafood at what is apparently THE place to do so in Bombay. After that I may go out on the town.


  1. Sheila Kennedy says:

    Wow… were right about the Bankok airport. It’s beautiful. But I was surprised by the photos of Bombay–don’t know what I expected, exactly–hordes of beggars, starving children? But it does look fascinating. Keep the pictures coming! And thank your wonderful host and hostess for being so nice to my baby!!
    Love, Mom (We’re home, by the way–got back yesterday.)

  2. Gabe says:

    I love that you’re loving Bombay. It’s one of my favorite places ever. And, Nik and Ritu are awesome. So glad you connected. G

  3. livinghigh says:

    hey hey hey. does bbay airport really look dat orgnised? lol. guess it does depend on de eyes of the beholder! if u like seafood, there’s another joint called mahesh, which is even better! and for parsi food, also try out Cafe ideal corner – same owners of britannia. :)

    PS: the goofy snaps of u snorkelling are too cute for words! :)