Bye Bye Bangkok


Hard to believe it has already been a month that I have been in Thailand. What started as a serious case of culture shock is now a fairly strong satisfaction over the wonder of travel here and what I have learned. I plan to be back (for my birthday bash) next June, and hope to see even more of the country at that time.

In an hour I leave for the airport, where I will catch my Air India flight to Bombay. Stay tuned for a whole new round of culture shock (or not).

By the way, I mostly figured out the hose thing next to the toilet and how to use it to clean one’s ass. As with most things, it just takes a little practice. With the right angle and pressure control, one can get very clean with almost no water splashing about. I still needed at least one square of TP, however to dry off.

Enjoy folks, I’ll be here all year.