Random thoughts (Bangkok edition)

  • No one seems able to read a map here. I used to think of maps as universal b/c they are graphic representations of the world, but reading a city map is definitely a type of literacy. And the people you would expect to have it here (taxi drivers for example) simply don’t.
  • Why are there so many people on the subway and skytrain and on the street with Vicks inhaler sticks shoved up their noses? Is this some great high that I am missing out on?
  • The mosquitoes here are teeny tiny and you don’t see them until it is too late. At home I was used to the large kind that make a buzzing sound.
  • Although this country is supposedly Buddhist, damnable Christmas music and Christmas displays are EVERYWHERE.
  • Eating here is mostly done with a spoon and fork. You are meant to use the fork to shovel food to your spoon, and somehow cut everything with your fork or spoon. Good luck with the hard stuff.
  • Rich or poor, cheap street market or glitzy shopping mall, this is a country that loves to shop and go to market.


  1. Mom says:

    I like the new design…very sharp!

    Boy–I missed ONE DAY of checking, and you’d posted six or so entries! The photos are great. I’ll be fascinated to see the posts from India.

    TAKE CARE of yourself. I felt better when you were traveling with Stijn…..

    Love you and miss you.