to Hua Hin…


where we hung out at the beach all day doing, well, nothing. Hua Hin is not a particularly interesting city any way you cut it, but seems to attract a ton of package tour pensioners (from Germany, mostly). The food is ghastly, everything overpriced…why would anyone come here from the other side of the world? I suppose because it has enough of the required 5 star hotels, spas and tourist dreck?

At least I am relaxing on the beach before we head back to Bangkok.


  1. Great pictures. You seem to be going with the “flow”…

    When we see you, perhaps you can help us cultivate that “whatever happens” attitude–my car threw a rod on our way to SC. We coasted into a Ford agency, and traded it in. Several thousand dollars later, we were on our way….


  2. David says:

    Finally catching up on your blog a bit… haven’t really been tracking it as much as I’d like. Looks like you’re doing well, having fun… the problem with me not checking more frequently, is that I have no idea who your traveling partners are. Anyway, nice pictures. Miss you.