Paradise found


yay! The sun came back today and we left the comfort of our aircon bunker and went snorkeling. It was a beautiful day. Tomorrow we head to Hua Hin for some more beach life before we head back to Bangkok.

One thing I have to say about our hotel: There is SUPPOSEDLY HBO on the TV in our room, but it is some ghetto version that only plays really lame melodramas about divorce, inheritance, spoiled rich kids and slapstick. It is probably a fake like everything else here and only using the HBO logo. Either that or HBO has figured out how to sell all the lame b movies on one channel to hotels in the south of Thailand.



  1. George says:

    Glad that you have sunny skies again. You look great in the pics.. so relaxed and happy. Miss you.

  2. George says:

    By the way, what happened to your foot??

  3. frank says:

    i envy you. i wish i was there. have you gotten a thai massage yet?

  4. chris erickson says:

    OOOOOO Hotstuff coming through!!!