it is a bit of a bumpy road to paradise


…and it is mostly made up of uncomfortable seating. It has been travel craziness the last two days for us, as we made our way by train to Bangkok, then overnight sleeper to Chumphon, then fast catamaran to the island of Ko Tao. The first 8 hour train we were in was, although relatively deluxe with air con, the most uncomfortable seat I have ever been in. My ass was killing me by the end of it. Then we wandered around in Bangkok soot and traffic for an hour before getting on the night sleeper (which was really cool) to Chumphon. Once there, we decided to take the fast boat to the island of Ko Tao, and it was vomit all around. I somehow managed to keep it in and feel pretty ok with the VERY choppy seas, but a few on our boat succumbed, setting off a chain reaction of vomiting that engulfed about half the passengers and almost claimed Sijn as well. He looked quite green by the end of the trip.



  1. The beach looks fantastic! You look good, too. The toilets, not so much……

  2. chris erickson says:

    I’ll second that!!!!!

  3. Bea van Oosterom (Stijns sister) says:

    I’ll third that!!
    And Stijn looks relaxed and enjoying the trip!
    I wish I was there..
    Here in Amsterdam it’s cold, stormy and raining….
    But seeing all the beer bottles made us take two too and we toasted on your pic’s!
    Sinterklaas greetings
    (Stijn will explain Sinterklaas to you)