Haicut in an uncertain land…


Khong Kaen is an interesting city in that there is nothing phenomenal about it. It has no great history or temples of note, is only really the largest city in the area and apparently a distribution point for products made in this region. It is abundantly ugly with an architecture that cannot be called anything other than building. But we are about the only farong in the place and we are really a curiosity for the locals. This place is not at all set up for tourists. It is for the people who live here. We went to the festival last night and walked around being gawked at by the locals. The festival was a sort of big market with live bands playing in the larger areas and people generally having a good time.

Today we walked around and I went to get a haircut. Try explaining sometime to someone who speaks no English and only cuts straight, thin black hair what you need in a hairstyle. You can see the scary result in the pics.

From Khon Kaen

We decided after all of this that we needed a little rest and relaxation, and so we are heading for the beach tomorrow. We will take the train to Bangkok, then transfer to another train to go to Champhun, then take the boat to Ko Tao. Stay tuned.


  1. Fetching indeed! (Actually, I kind of like it……)