Finding the Buddha within


While traveling 2nd class bus with no AC, that is. How DO they manage to fit so many people in so little space? We decided we would try to catch the early bus to Chiang Khong (the border crossing with Laos) from Chiang Mai, so we got our asses to the bus station at 6am only to find out that the bus we wanted to take was no AC and five (yes, FIVE) seats across. They initially assigned us the left side which was two seats, but the seats are clearly made for dolls or little people, b/c Stijn and I certainly did not fit. So we got moved to a 3 seat row for the two of us, but the seat in front was broken and the window was broken and the bus was bumpy as hell going around the hairpin turns along our way. I could not stop laughing and actually loosened up and had a great journey for the six hours we we on the bus. See the pics for details:


Tommorrow we will cross into Laos and I doubt that I will have internet access in a country that has no ATMs, but you never know. So it may be a few days before you hear from me, as we plan on taking a slow boat downthe Mekong and spending a day or two in the capital, Vientiane before heading back to Thailand.


  1. Beetje says:

    Can’t wait to see the pic’s and read about Laos!!
    Nice cabin!!
    Enjoy the boatride!!
    It must have felt like heaven, laying in a hammock after 6 hours in a little peoplebus.hehe

  2. Sounds like you are really “into” the flow of the trip, not missing work at all…….When do you get to India? A friend of mine is biking across the country to raise money for a hospital. Story was in this morning’s STAR, at

  3. marites says:

    I’m only calling you gulliver from now on …those ARE little bus seats…did they play ABBA on the trip?

    Also, nice tunic…you’ll need that for meditating in india…