Guess I’ll go eat worms…


Which is what we did in the night market after our exhilarating ride up to Doi Suthep and back down to the city. After making a few wrong turns we discoverd the other night market. The one the locals actually shop at, not the more sanitized one for the tourists. Check out the pics:


  1. marites says:

    Oh the memories! It feels like we’re climbing those steps with you to Doi Suthep. Have you been to “Crusty Loaf Bakery” yet in Chiang Mai? I guess I was having baked good cravings while we were in Asia..SO brave of you to rent a scooter – don’t let your mom know..oops, too late…

    Are you burned out on khmer temples yet?
    This was our favorite:

    Loving your photos and comments…no more toilets though please…

  2. Marites–The toilets are better than the worms!

    Stephen–First the snake, then the motorcycle, now the worms….are you TRYING to make me a nervous wreck??

    The photos are great, though. Better than being there, really, since I can see what you are seeing, but without the sweat OR the toilets.

  3. P-O says:

    Have you seen those huge piles of shrimp paste yet. The stench is unbelievable and the look like miniature mountains. Also — have you had any Durian yet?