Parking is hard…


…and may result in an international incident. It was difficult enough learning to ride a motorbike AND using the left side of the road AND driving up and down steep hills and curving roads on the way to the incredible Doi Suthep. But then, after coming down and going to the local market and finding a place to park, I got into a wreck. Well, not a wreck, exactly. I accidentally knocked over some local woman’s brand new motorbike. She acted as if I had just punched her first born son in the gut, screaming about how it was all fucked up (or at least I assumed that was what she was saying since I don’t speak Thai). To get out alive and because this is what abusive farangs do, we offered some money, but fortunately a very nice local man said we didn’t owe them anything, and that this was just how it goes. She looked pissed. We got WAY LUCKY. Pictures to follow tomorrow (the above is from some other site. And after we return the bikes. You can stop worrying now, mom.)


  1. Oh, sure, “stop worrying”–easy for you to say!! You KNOW what I’ve always said about motorcycles!

    On another note, I’ve given the URL for this blog to several people. If you begin getting a cluster of readers from central Indiana, that’s probably the reason.

  2. Beetje says:

    Hi Stephen,
    You don’t know me, but you’re traveling with my (little/big) brother..
    I’m happy to read you both got of the bikes without a scratch on you. Bikes get scratched all the time…
    You have a great blog, and great photo’s!!
    Actually I’m very jealous of your trip!!
    Have fun, hug my brother.
    Love Bea

  3. Mo says:

    It’s good to know that “wreaking havoc” is a universal language ;-) I miss you!

  4. P-O says:

    Wow… you rented mopeds — how cool. I am amazed though, that you found the time to take pictures of your accident, while at the same time, you had some international crisis on your hand.