How do they do it?


Look at the photo below:

Above you see a picture of a Thai toilet, one of many I have photographed. They may be sit-down like this, or they may be squat, and they usually don’t have toilet paper and the Thais are used to all of this and make great use of the spray hose next to these toilets to apparently wash their ass (always with the left hand, the right is for eating) before emerging from this experience unscathed.So here is my question: How the hell do they manage to clean themsleves with no toilet paper and yet come out of the bathroom with no apparent wet marks anywhere? I thought about asking a monk or two, but it seemed somehow inappropriate after a discussion of the noble eightfold path. Gentle readers, any ideas?


  1. Lidewij says:

    Hi Stephan,
    That’s a question I have often asked myself… How do they do it? Enter there and I come out dirty, wrinkled, wet. In any case: marked. This applies to asians and public toilets (the best I saw was the market in Yokya, Indonesia), the French and the “metro”, but also to members of parliment and 16-hour meetings.
    Unfortunately I cannot give an awnser.

    All the best to my brother & great blog…

  2. And what is the sound of one hand clapping….?? when you find the answer to your toilet question, do post it!

  3. Jan says:

    Hidden air dryers? More likely, they are patient. They meditate while air drying or until Buddha sends a breeze.

  4. Ebeast says:

    yuk. no answer here….

  5. frank says:

    i think they “fan” themselves dry.

  6. […] By the way, I mostly figured out the hose thing next to the toilet and how to use it to clean one’s ass. As with most things, it just takes a little practice. With the right angle, once get get very clean with almost no water splashing about. I still needed at least one square of TP, however to dry off. […]