Street food and rabid dogs


I decided to stay an extra day in Ayutthaya and see a few more sights. Met a nice dutch fellow named Stijn (sounds like stein) who was also travelling alone, so we decided to travel a bit together. We are heading to Phitsanulok tomorrow and then will catch the bus to Sukhotai, which should have some really cool ruins as it was the imperial capital in the 12th (or 13th) century. Speaking of centuries, one must always subtract 543 years from the Thai year to figure out the Gregorian year, which has made figuring out the age of some monuments a bit challenging (b/c as you know, math is hard).

We saw a few more Wats today as well as ate some real street food for the first time. I’m not exactly throwing caution to the wind, but there was a lot of totally unrecognizable stuff in what I consumed…let’s just hope my stomach holds out. That said, for a total of 60 cents, what can one expect?

In addition, I have been noticing more and more just how many mangy stray dogs there are around in this country…we must have seen 40 of them today, a small pack of them was guarding the entrance to one of the Wats we visited today. Yuck.

We also found a pool thanks to a local tip!

See below for pics. LAA KAWN!


  1. Please define: wat, stupa and chedi.

  2. karin says:

    Voila un grand met!! Fais confiance √† ton stomach il developpera un vrai sens d’adaptation.
    Je suis ravie pour toi que tu commence a entrecroiser des chemins avec d’autres. C’est l’alchimie des √©lectrons libres. Bonne route pleine d’intensit√©. bises.

  3. Mo says:


  4. Troy says:

    hey! i’ve never had *any* problems with food in thailand. my advice is eat anything and everything that looks good (well, within reason) – especially the noodles. quick, cheap, and tasty! cause this won’t be the case in other parts of asia.

  5. Jan says:

    They had a lake in Attyutaya where there were cat fish that were so big they frightened the dogs. The dogs were stays that the monks took care of. The dogs had mange. It was a new word that our guide learned from us.

    Have you noticed that the Thais don’t sweat? While you are dripping they stand there smiling and looking at you wondering what is wrong with you.