Snake Charmer


Had a very interesting morning. Went to the Snake Farm to learn about how they raise snakes to make anti-venom serum using antibodies produced by horses. It was fascinating. Click on pics above to see the tour and show.

Also, Sunday seems much calmer in Bangkok, the streets aren’t nearly as crazy. Tomorrow I will go to Ayyataya and this afternoon I think I will get a massage and generally take it easy.

On other interesting topics, Bangkok has no real street crossing signs or stopping. You just play a game of chicken to get across every street, no matter how large. Also, the woman next to me at the internet cafe seems to be having a video chat with her Caucasion husband to be in a far away land via some mail-order process. hm.


  1. George says:

    Wow, what an amazing journey. Just love your big snake, baby :). I’m now in London, dazed and jet-lagged and somewhat bummed to think you were just here and now you’re not :( I can just imagine being there in Bangkok by your great descriptions. I have one question, though…. have you gotten one of those lap dances yet? I miss you. xoxo g

  2. Put that snake down RIGHT NOW! Do you want to give me a heart attack? Geez……

  3. mikez says:

    now you’re feeling better!
    hang in there.
    you will have up days and down days…
    trust me. trust me.
    find your zen.
    botanical gardens work best for me.
    i love that snake.
    beautiful creature.
    i laughed when i read your mother’s note.
    hi stephen’s mom!
    you’ve got a great son!
    best wishes and fair travels to you both.

  4. Ebeast says:

    I hate snakes but I would have gone there too. I went to a place Tom and I affectionately called “Liability world” in Bali that was just like the place you went to but seemed, how shall say it, less professional. Some scary snakes there!

    Makes you happy there is glass no?

    Miss you and it was great tallking to you last night!

    Love and kisses

    P.S. Casey Jane says HI too and she screamed at the snakes.