Is it too early in my trip to start feeling resentment towards local people? Every person I encounter wants to make the fool that I am part with his money. And some of them get it. Here are some more tips:

-Never pay for a room before you have seen it. The pictures on the internet are deceiving.

-Never pay for anything specifically targeted to gay people (like my hotel or a resort) in the 3rd world. It will invariably be a rip off.

– Starbucks is your friend.

– As yucky as the backpacker’s mecca of Khao San road is, it has the best deals on internet access in Bangkok.

I honestly can’t wait to get out of Bangkok. Hopefully I won’t feel so taken advantage of outside of the capitol. I am planning on going to Ayutthaya on Monday, then heading north to Sukhotai and Chiang Mai. Hopefully the pace will be less frantic there.

On the plus side, I did meet a nice greek guy out in the bar last night who gave me some tips on places he had been. He wasn’t a fan of Bangkok, but quite liked other parts of the country.

Just chatted with Jose and my picasa account is now upgraded and I should be able to upload now…and wouldn’t you know it, I forgot my usb cable! Oh well, till next time.