Thank god I have Klonopin


I am feeling much calmer now. Thought I was on the verge of a panic attack from all the hassle today. The sweat. The inability to find the vipassana meditation lecture. The desire of everyone and I mean everyone to take me to their special sponsor. The inability to get a cab to use the meter or take me cross town. The fact that streets often simply don’t have names and pointing them out on the map to cab or tuk tuk drivers is met with blank stares. The choking fumes. The sweat again. And did I mention the sweat?

Now, with the help of a magic pill, I feel unburdened. I was thinking of switching careers after all this is over and pharmacology is looking good right now.

I have also managed to upload a ton more pics, which I will be linking to shortly. This is a very odd culture indeed, but an interesting one.


  1. mikez says:

    hey hey.
    i have good deal for you sir.
    you like very good shopping sir?

    hang it there.
    it gets much better in the country.
    remember… you’re western.
    the world thinks you’re rich,
    including asia.

    beautiful pics.
    keep ’em coming.


  2. Ebeast says:

    where do I get some of that happy pill you took??

  3. Ebeast says:

    Wow, Those are some photos. The palace and the Wat Pho look amazing. I’m sure the pictures do not do it justice. What’s your email address??

  4. Your Cousin Ben says:

    Wow, your dispatches from Bangkok really take me back. Isn’t it the most incredibly surreal city ever? And Wat Pho is maybe the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. We never took the tuk-tuk’s though. We figured even if we spent a few cents more on a cab, the airconditioning was worth it.

    And if you’re spending more than 20-30 bucks a night on a hotel you’re paying too much.

    Don’t miss Patpong! :-)

  5. Jose says:

    Wow! Can’t wait to see the real thing in person. What Pho and the Palace are amazing, though I may have to skip the shopping mall…unless it’s the only place to escape the heat!