Never trust a Tuk-Tuk driver…


who says he’ll give you a small tour for an hour for 30 baht. Believe me, you will end up visiting one of his patrons/friends/fellow scam artists, whatever. I was aware of these from the Rough Guide I have, but still got taken a little this morning. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t interested in purchasing an expensive package tour to Chiang-Mai from his friend at the TAT, nor was I about to shell out 1600 for a longtail boat ride up and down the Chao Praya. I walked down a few docks and got an amazing 75 min ride around the river for 800 baht (prob still a rip off, but well worth it to me. I had the boat to myself). Bangkok is chaos made solid. Add to that the fact that even though it is the cool season, it is still VERY humid and I sweat. A LOT. But I am adapting. Went to see the palace grounds today as well as several Wat and was blown away by the intricate detail. Then I walked across most of the city till I couldn’t take it anymore and had to bargain a tuk tuk at a high rate just so he would promise that we wouldn’t visit any of his “friends” and that he would take me directly back to my hotel. Some of my other firsts today included a fresh coconut (not bad), a guided tour of Wat Pho with it’s amazing reclining Buddha and an overly friendly massage near my hotel. The internet connection at the hotel is very slow, but I will try to sneak down later tonight and plug in my camera to upload some photos. Bangkok is truly an amazing other world.


  1. This is fascinating….how much is a baht?


  2. Also–are you meeting us in Tibet/Nepal etc.? Bob needs to know ASAP.


  3. Troy says:

    hey! if you think Bangkok is chaos made solid, just you wait til you hit the big cities in India! ;-) are you staying at the Tarntawan?

  4. Audrey says:

    Wow! Sounds like you are having an amazing time!!! What’s a trip without getting taken anyway – the stories are worth their weight in gold!!!

    Don’t touch that tuk-tuk! hugs, audrey

  5. mikez says:

    i told you so!
    i’ve been thinking about you… logged in tonite, now i know you’ve seen the palace and the chillin’ buddah! amazing, eh?
    take care of yourself, be well, and many blessings to you mister world traveler.
    and love too