Crazy Chaos…


…but I think that I could like it, once I get my footing. It has been a day of rather complete disorientation. I arrived with my internal clock all screwed up, so I decided  to rest for one hour once I got to the hotel (a one hour, crazy taffic ordeal, I must have been asked by about a million people at the airport if I needed a ride, politely telling each of them that the hotel was sending someone for me. Of course he was waiting in a completely different exit from immigration, but fortunately I was able to track him down with the help of a local. It was after that we began the crazy traffic ordeal).

Of course, even though I set my alarm, my clock was so screwed up and I so tired that the next thing I knew, some loud noise from outside my window woke me up at around 2:30pm. I had slept about 6 hours. Oh well. Once I was up and showered, I headed out to explore the surrounding area by foot. Bangkok has a massive scale and massive activity of just about every kind on every corner. I counted at least 40 foot massage places and many others that would massage more than just feet by the look of them. In fact, As I consulted my guide book, it looks as if I may be onthe border of the red light district.

So far my impressions of Bangkok are that everyone seems very friendly and happy; That their street numbering system had to have been designed by a short sighted fatalist missing a chromosome or two, and that the food here is very good. I splurged on a very upmarket meal (at restaurant Celadan) at an upmarket hotel and was VERY pleased. This was the best masaman curry I have ever had in fact. The fact that the meal cost 30 bucks I rationalized by noting that I need to ease into the chaos here and therefore treating myself well for a few days is fine. Don’t you agree? I will try to post photos tomorrow or the next day if I can find a station that will allow me to upload.


  1. chris erickson says:

    Sounds great!!! I am soooo happy you are having a great time. I miss you and can’t wait to see you in June. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I can’t wait for the pictures. Glad to see you found an internet cafe to post from…And equally glad that you are treating yourself well! Take care,