Bitter cold and raining. What an appropriate day to go to the concentration camp at Neuengamme. Although I had been to several Holocaust museums and had been in Germany a few times previously, for some reason I had never been to one of these sites. It was pretty moving. There is something different about walking around this place, something very haunting. It is not that places like the Holocaust museum in DC don’t portray the horror and history correctly, but the reality of the actual site hits one in a way not possible in a distant museum. This was a lesser camp, not subject to all of the same horrors or the same scale as a place like Auschwitz, as this was “only” a prisoners and “labor” camp. Still, over half of the people that came through this place died here, from exhaustion from being overworked, from disease, from hunger, from experiments or just plain killing by the SS that ran the place.




  1. Ebeast says:

    It is an unbelievable experience isn’t it? Having been through Dachau, I know exactly what you mean. Ghosts everywhere and an expereince you can’t really describe. Not at all like the museums. I agree.

    Sorry I missed your call the other day. Things have been crazy at the office but we survived the week.

    Miss you.