Good Morning Sunshine…

morning in Santa Fe
This is the view from the balcony of my room. Nice, huh? I can’t bring myself to sleep more than 5 hours the last few days, go figure. I sent Mo a text message saying “I am awake” and she sent me one back saying “I was asleep”. oops.

Day and Night


That is the difference between THEdump (aka Travelodge) we stayed in last night and Palladio’s Villa we are in this evening. You may remember me explaining our trouble keeping an internet connection? Let me illustrate our futile attempts late last night in our room that smelled like a pool and had extremely uncomfortable beds:

The above pictures are of Mo and I trying desperately to move the laptop to a spot where we would have enough signal to post. It was an exercise in frustration. Did I mention we were afraid to touch the sheets and the bed had all the comfort of a horse stable?

Anyway, let’s put the ugly behind us and concentrate on the beautiful. Click on either of the pics above to get to the web album that contains many nicer photos of AZ and NM, but sadly leaves out a photo of the nice Highway Patrol Officer that gave Speedy Mo-nzalez her first ticket in Arizona. He didn’t seem in the mood for a snapshot.

Lastly, focus on the super nice Steve and Jane, who are Mo’s Friends and our hosts here in Santa Fe. We have spent the entire afternoon with them in their lovely home on the outskirts and have been mercifully spared any reference to Georgia O’Keefe.

“What do you mean this is high season?”


120 mile detour. 25 dollar entrance fee. 1 crappy room available, away from the rim. 0 internet connections anywhere in the Grand Canyon. 5 minutes total of Mo and Stephen viewing the Grand Canyon before leaving to go to Williams. No big deal, I’ve been to the Grand Canyon 4 times before, and Mo seemed happy to have seen it for a few minutes before becoming fed up with the tourists.

We ended up in a pretty cute little town called Williams. Here is a pic of where we ate tonight:

So we ended up at the Travelodge, which promised high-speed wireless internet, but I am now sitting on the balcony about 30 ft from our room trying with limited success to post this as I keep getting bumped off. I am about to give up. I will try to post more tomorrow when the connection is working better and we are back in civilization. In the meantime, click on the image above to see today’s photos which I managed to upload to google.

The Devil’s Cornfield…


Yes, this is the name of a real place in Death Valley, they seem to have been obsessed with naming everything “Devil’s this” or “Satan’s that”. My Friend Keith came down from Berkeley to take the first leg of the trip with Maureen and me. We have been having an amazing time. Keith will fly back from Las Vegas and Maureen and I will continue on to the Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Santa Fe, Denver,Topeka,St Louis, and finally, Indianapolis (where my family is located).

Some of the highlights of today: Mosaic Canyon in ballet flats (good job, Mo), a Eurotrash father son duo in a convertable chrysler, a drag race with HYMER (an angry RV, we never saw the driver but assume he votes republican), and crows that refuse to be frightened.

Click on the photo below to go to the web album…