Technical Difficulties


ugh. I have wasted most of the morning trying unsuccessfully to upload my photos to Picasa. I gave up and created a mini album on this site which still took forever to create and upload. C’est la vie.

My last evening in Indianapolis was a fun one with the family. We had dinner at my sister Kelly’s house and the next morning I said goodbye to everyone as I boarded a bus to Chicago to meet my friend Chris. Although I was only there for a couple of days, Chicago really impressed me with how much it has changed since I was a kid. Great architecture and city fabric, beautiful lake front, and the weather was so beautiful the first day I was almost considering moving there. That is, until the cold rainy weather of the next day set in. Brrr. Still, we had a fantastic time. Chris introduced me to his wonderful friends, and Mike came in from LA to hang out on my last days in the US and wish me goodbye. Without going into an exhaustive list, I can tell you that the weekend involved brunch, fabulous apartments, gay bars and bears, inebriation of various sorts, art, public spaces, show tunes and rainbow rockets. See the pics for a taste:

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