José can you see


My great friend and former roommate José came to visit me in Indiana for a send off visit before I take off eastward. We had a great time, and as with Maureen at the end of our trip, it was a little sad to say goodbye when the time came. We did manage to give José a rather favorable impression of Indianapolis, and something occurred to me while he was here. Although I am from Indy, I have never really felt at home here and I realized that almost without exception the times I have made it back for a family visit have been in extreme winter or summer conditions. This is my first visit back in many years during the fall, and with the leaves changing and nice weather I have to admit that the city is not so terrible and dare I say it, even beautiful at this time of year. (Note to Mom: I’m still never moving back, so don’t even try)



  1. Jose says:

    Indianapolis is great! Sheila and Bob were right yet again…this place has it’s charms. One of which is, of course, the Kennedy Suess clan. Thanks, Stephen, for showing me all those homages to war, and for introducing me to Steak ‘N Shake! I like the Robert Indiana statue best though; no matter how much those Bush-fanatics want to make us believe to the contrary, LOVE is what it’s all about.