I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…


…and thank god for that. Here are the things I remember most about Kansas:

  • Anti-abortion billboards
  • Lots and lots of road kill
  • Grain silos
  • My damn VW check engine light coming on– AGAIN (6th time this year). I think the Germans still have it in for my people.
  • The server at “Bayard’s” warning Mo and me in a concerned tone after ordering a “garden salad” that there were actual, chopped up FRESH vegetables in it.

Mo and I made a herculean effort to push through all the way to Kansas City, MO. This brought our total number of driving hours today to a record 11 for us, but did we ever make the right choice! After a brief encounter in the scary crack-dealing streets on the outskirts of the city, we made our way to the downtown area and then here to the ever so lovely Westport area where we promptly had our picture taken in front of the Wienermobile, were given wienerswag (wiener whistles, see pics) , walked around the very sweet Westport ‘hood, and made new friends at a gay bar down the street.


Day 5 Cross Country


Oct 5, 2006 – 45 Photos


  1. bryan stage says:

    a weiner mobile giving our weiner whistles in front of a gay bar? hmmm, interesting coincidence. it looks like oscar mayer may have a new marketing strategy…

  2. Sally-Upstairs says:

    …growing up, I loved that weiner mobile … I saw it maybe a handful of times and god knows where my whistle went! did you get to see Oscar? looks like you guys are having fun, which is a good thing. xx’s ~S