Day and Night


That is the difference between THEdump (aka Travelodge) we stayed in last night and Palladio’s Villa we are in this evening. You may remember me explaining our trouble keeping an internet connection? Let me illustrate our futile attempts late last night in our room that smelled like a pool and had extremely uncomfortable beds:

The above pictures are of Mo and I trying desperately to move the laptop to a spot where we would have enough signal to post. It was an exercise in frustration. Did I mention we were afraid to touch the sheets and the bed had all the comfort of a horse stable?

Anyway, let’s put the ugly behind us and concentrate on the beautiful. Click on either of the pics above to get to the web album that contains many nicer photos of AZ and NM, but sadly leaves out a photo of the nice Highway Patrol Officer that gave Speedy Mo-nzalez her first ticket in Arizona. He didn’t seem in the mood for a snapshot.

Lastly, focus on the super nice Steve and Jane, who are Mo’s Friends and our hosts here in Santa Fe. We have spent the entire afternoon with them in their lovely home on the outskirts and have been mercifully spared any reference to Georgia O’Keefe.


  1. What do you have against Georgia O’Keefe?

    I love Santa Fe.