tick tock


…and the days count down. I am trying desperately to fit in seeing every last person I know in LA before leaving, but it ain’t easy. What kind of bonehead decides to work up until the last possible minute, leaving only one full day before leaving town? Me, that’s what kind.


  1. Karl says:

    Bonehead? Yeah, I guess that could describe it! No time like the present, though. Good luck in your travels.


  2. Jeff says:

    Some things never change! Don’t worry, like it or not, you’ll be ready. I wish you the wonders of the world. XO – Jeff

  3. Lisa says:

    Cannot wait to hear or rather read all about your travels. I write to you from the chains of matrimony and children so wander for me will ya’? All though they are 14 karat chains, they certainly keep me from being able to explore beyond my own back yard so have a wonderful time.

    I am so glad your email made it to me so I can see where in the world Waldo er Satori is.

    Happy trails my friend, until we meet again,
    Lisa in Indy

  4. Mims says:

    Hey sweets,

    Here’s wishing you the best out on the road. May you find all you need and want out there. I am envious and will worry about you as you wander in the world. Return to us different, but the same. Or the other way around. I’ll be checking in.

    many xs and os

  5. mike z says:

    heh heh
    he said bone.

  6. Audrey says:

    The world is awaiting you. Remember to laugh when you need it most! Can’t wait to read all about you adventures. Jealous. Sending hugs, audrey

  7. flossie says:

    you’ve never been ready and yet you always have been ….. it was going to happen sometime and that you’re working until the very end….. it wouldn’t quite be you if there wasn’t a bit of stress and panic and drama now would it….. enjoy every moment…. loving you immensely, as always !