A little chat oddity


I am used to online chatting (via AIM and the like) being an exercise in reduction, contraction and abbreviation. And for the most part that holds true here in Mexico, with one little odd exception. The word for “yes” is “si”, but in IM conversations a lot of people will write “sip” to mean the same thing. I guess it is kind of like saying “yeah” or “yep”, but it seems odd in the context of an IM to go for longer rather than shorter words.



As always, I can’t resist the lure of a new food, especially if it is a sweet.  Yesterday in Puebla I bought a box of local treats called camotes.  They are basically yam paste flavored with fruits, and while a bit on the sweet side, are not bad at all.  Plus they have that handmade charm to them, just look at the picture below.

One thing to note about the word camote, though. It is apparently slang for penis, although I am sure that neither I (nor my gentle readers) can begin to imagine why.