You say cajero, I say ATM…let’s call the whole thing off


There is one major difference between ATMs in the US and Mexico. In the US, most machines force you to remove your card before you take your cash. Not so here in Mexico, which makes it sort of easy to walk away and leave your card in the machine as I did the other day. I am basically a prisoner in my own house for the next few days as I wait for a FedEx emergency replacement card from my bank to arrive. Sigh. Live and learn.Hay una diferencia mayor entre los cajeros de los E.E.U.U. y estos de México. En los E.E.U.U, la mayoría de los cajeros te obligan tomar tu tarjeta antes de tomar tu efectivo. Aquí no. Por eso es mucho mas fácil dejar tu tarjeta en la máquina, como lo hice el otro día. Más o menos ahora estoy prisionero en mi casa hasta que llegue mi nueva tarjeta. Así es la vida.

Palm Beach


Yvonne took me on a little car trip up the coast to Palm Beach. There is some crazy money up that way. Not really my cup of tea, but all beautifully appointed and definitely worth seeing. We did stop in for a bit of luxury at The Breakers for lunch, and I have to say the food was amazing (and priced accordingly).