Last days in Hamburg


Today was another gorgeous fall day out, and so we took the bikes and rode downtown to walk around and do a little window shopping. In particular, riding past the Alster on the way was so beautiful, the trees are all changing, the fall colors fully out but the leaves still mostly on the trees. It was warmer out than it has been too, and it was perfect for a ride. Today was my last full day in Hamburg. Tomorrow I fly to Marrakech for work, and then back to New York on Saturday, finally. I will miss Olaf and our time together here, but I know we will see each other again soon and that I will be back to Hamburg at some point.

IMG_2059.jpgIMG_2060.JPGIMG_2063.jpgIMG_2064.JPGIMG_2065.JPGIMG_2066.jpgnice sky.JPGHomer and Stephen are friends.JPGIMG_2070.JPGIMG_2074.JPGIMG_2075.JPGIMG_2076.JPGIMG_2077.JPGIMG_2078.JPGIMG_2079.JPGIMG_2080.JPGIMG_2081.JPGOlaf on our way to the mushroom forest.JPGMushroom picking.JPGIMG_2085.jpgMushroom picking.JPGMushroom picking.JPGMushroom picking.JPGMushroom picking - beetles.JPGIMG_2092.jpgIMG_2094.jpgIMG_2095.jpgat bar with Werner, Stephen and Olaf.JPGSo many strange flavors.JPGIMG_2103.jpgThe Alster.JPGStadtpark.JPGStadtpark.JPGStadtpark with Olaf and Homer.JPGStadtpark.JPGsome mall downtown.JPGa bank downtown.JPGdowntown.JPGdowntown.JPGtrain station.JPGbus station.JPGbus station.JPG