Here and there and an island apart


Today was a mishmash of walking through some lovely parts of Venice, eating an expensive lunch at a hoity-toity place, taking several boat rides long and short, and visiting the island of Torcello, a little-populated place with an amazing basilica on it. In addition, we ate a famous local cake (fugassa veneziana) as it was Norbert’s birthday, and had several caffè (don’t call them espressos apparently). Pics below…

Norbert is the Birthday Boy today.JPGIMG_1868.jpgIMG_1869.JPGIMG_1870.jpgIMG_1871.JPGIMG_1872.jpgBascilica S. Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari.JPGIMG_1874.jpgBascilica S. Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari.JPGIMG_1876.jpgIMG_1877.jpgVenice fish market.JPGIMG_1880.jpgIMG_1881.JPGIMG_1882.JPGIMG_1883.jpgSanta Maria dei Miracoli.JPGSanta Maria dei Miracoli.JPGleaving Venice proper.JPGIMG_1888.jpgBoat to Torcello.JPGBoat to Torcello.JPGIMG_1891.JPGIMG_1892.JPGIMG_1893.JPGIMG_1894.jpgIMG_1895.JPGIMG_1896.JPGIMG_1898.jpgIMG_1899.JPGIMG_1900.jpgIMG_1901.jpgIMG_1902.jpgIMG_1903.jpgIMG_1904.jpgIMG_1905.JPGIMG_1906.JPGIMG_1911.JPGIMG_1912.jpgIMG_1917.jpgIMG_1919.jpgIMG_1921.jpg