More Paris Notes


- Perhaps b/c I have been living in NYC for several months now, but the streets of Paris seem eerily, wonderfully, quiet and calm

- I never noticed how much shorter the Metro stations are here compared to New York

- Paris has completely solved what used to be a very bad dogshit problem. I’ve seen hardly any since arriving here and it used to be everywhere.

- The food this time around has been decidedly unimpressive. It is easier to each much better and much cheaper in New York

- Some things don’t change much and it has been an absolute delight visiting with old friends here.

- Paris has put in place a grand experiment with public bike transportation called Velib’ (for velo libre – free biking). Although there are some problems with maintenance, it has absolutely changed the way people think about transport in the city, and it is pretty amazing. We took a ride today to the Bois de Vincennes.

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