Spacial Times in Surat Thani


We were on our way to Butterworth (Georgetown actually) in Malaysia, but we had a stopover in Surat Thani, Thailand. Not even Surat Thani proper, but the ST train station some 14km away. We had about 7 hours to kill, so we took a cab into Surat Thani, rented a hotel room at the Diamond Plaza Hotel and hung out for a while. This was supposedly the nicest hotel in town, but it had all the charm of a Best Western. What can one say about Surat Thani? Don’t bother with it unless you have a gun pointed at your head or a crazy fondness for mosquitoes. Still, we had fun hanging out, being silly, and eating tongue-withering food in the lobby of the hotel before returning to the train station at 1am to catch our train.

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